Dental Spas and Medical Construction

Dental construction companies

The dental industry tops 111 billion dollars in the United States. That represents significant growth for medical construction companies as they find ways to increase dental office construction and upgrade current facilities. Portland dental construction companies are potentially helping local facilities benefit from this growing specialization.

Since each dental office will have their own focus on the different services, design and construction can take into account the amount of cosmetic, family dentistry, surgery or orthodontic procedures that make up each individual practice. These practice considerations further dictate the dental construction companies design priorities. For example, cosmetic practices look to spa and luxury design trends more that the family practices.

For those dental practices with renovation needs while maintaining client care, specialized healthcare construction can even occur around the practice hours so that patient disruption is minimized. This push for medical construction companies to honor current practice hours in their renovations means that revenue and services are not impacted. If the practice has to close for construction, the current appointments are pushed out and billing becomes lost for the current period.

Medical construction companies may be leaning towards the model of specialization to account for the various dental niches. The U.S. health spending is projected to grow barring major healthcare reforms. This means that consumers have specific needs in terms of care and a wide range of expectations for addon healthcare, or dental, services. In the cosmetic dentistry niche, medical construction companies are providing nicer client amenities. In fact, the medical facilities may resemble spas more than doctors offices.

The dental industry has shown modest 1 percent growth over the past 5 years, even though preventative care has pushed down current revenues. This is limit to growth is in line with a need to attract clients through alternative means of luxury offices and amenities provided with premier medical construction companies and their design services.

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