Cover your chimney year round

Chimney caps

Years ago before the chimney was developed, a dwelling could only have one story, since there was no concrete way to contain smoke from an open fire. Nowadays, people can install a chimney cover cap over their chimney. Chimney caps will not only ensure they smoke can pour out, but that nothing else will come in. A chimney cover cap could be useful, no matter what size or style of chimney one will have.

A chimney that is not cleaned properly is not only a fire hazard, but a source of deadly carbon monoxide as well. Making sure that new chimney liners are installed could be a great way to prevent a number of problems, including creosote fires. Chimney flue liners could stop many of the estimated 15,000 home fires a year that are typically a result of creosote fires.

A chimney cover cap, along with other types of chimney covers, could be used just about anywhere. The largest freestanding brick chimney in the world is the 585 feet tall Anaconda Smelter Stack, which is located in Montana. People installing a chimney cover cap may soon discover that a Chimney Swift has moved in. A Chimney Swift is a species of bird that nests in chimneys largely during the summer months, thankfully.

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