Do You Want to Resell Search Engine Optimization Services?

White label

SEO or search engine optimization has seen an increase in interest. Oh sure, back in the day everyone knew how to do search engine optimization. All we did was add some Meta tags to our simple HTML code, and we were ready to rock and roll.

Currently, search engine optimization is a bit more complicated. There are Google algorithms to contend with, and those seem to change weekly. Then it is so much more than writing a few keywords into the code. Now we have to pay attention to web content that has been properly optimized.

However, many of us have embraced the intricacies of SEO. So, what can we do with that? You might want to consider using your knowledge of search engine optimization to become and SEO reseller. This is a great way to move to another career or just make some extra money.

You will be reselling the services of search engine optimization companies. You can use your skills as a salesperson to market the services to potential customers. These companies often pay handsome commissions to successful resellers. There are also opportunities to sell private label or white label seo services. These are programs where the SEO company allows you to use your own brand or label to sell their services.

The white label process of search engine optimization is a great opportunity to basically start and manage your very own eCommerce business. You become the face and voice of the company; however, the services are actually provided by the original SEO company. You will be working more closely with the client base to provide search engine optimization services.

So if you are looking for a new career or just a potential new income stream, you may want to consider using your sales and marketing skills to enter the world of reselling search engine optimization services.

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