Home Monitoring Services and How They Deter Break Ins and Keep Your Home Safe

Adt home alarm

Has your home been broken into? Have you been considering some sort of home security or home alarm systems? Here are a few interesting facts you might want to know about ADT alarms and home alarm companies.

1. The majority of home burglaries happen in the South at 47 percent. The west and Midwestern regions account for 21 percent each, and the remaining 11 percent is allocated to the Northeast.

2. The most likely targets of home burglars are detached homes belonging to single families.

3. Jewelry, electronics, guns, silver, cash, and any other items that will be easy to sell at pawnshops or elsewhere are the most commonly stolen items in a home burglary.

4. The largest home security company both in Canada and the United States is ADT. ADT alarms service over 6.4 million customers.

5. Adt home alarm systems are monitored in the United States at four monitoring stations.

Home alarm companies always have your safety and best interests in mind first. They offer an alarm monitoring service so that they can do their job, and you can feel secure in your own home. If you feel that your home might be at risk, or perhaps it has already been broken into and you want protection against a repeat offense, a home alarm monitoring service may be exactly what you need.

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