Mobile Medical Applications For the New millennium

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Providing HIPAA compliant communication between physicians is an extremely important area of development within mobile medical technology. Standardizing medical and health care information across channels, providers, and platforms has been a major intention of HIPAA. Luckily, in the service of this intention, there are companies who make mobile medical applications for the health care industry. Many of these mobile health applications encompass HIPPA compliant text messaging, tiger text, and database virtualization. Thus, these mobile medical applications protect privacy while facilitating the beneficial information sharing needed for the streamlined health care services of the new millennium.

As health care professionals and patients make decisions as to which mobile medical applications to use, great consideration must be taken in regards to backup, archiving, emergency access, and, of course, security. After all, there are numerous existing threats to ePHI in a BYOD implementation such as theft or loss of the mobile device, improper disposal of the device, interception of transmission of ePHI by an unauthorized person, and lack of availability of ePHI to persons other than the user of the mobile device. Thus, each health care provider must make the best decision for herself and her patients, because different health care professionals may arrive at different conclusions as to the threat that is posed by texting of PHI. All health care professionals have to to evaluate their policies on mobile HIPAA compliance according to their own needs.

Though mobile medical applications carry some degree of risk, the benefits of using mobile medical applications in your medical practice are outstanding. Using mobile medical applications can cut down on costs and make communications between providers and patients more easier to facilitate.

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