PEEK Seals Can Withstand Very High Temperatures

Peek seals

PEEK or polyetheretherketone, is a thermoplastic that is linear aromatic semi crystalline that was created in the 1960s. It is considered to be one of highest performing materials that can be processed on regular thermoplastic equipment. This material has a melting point of approximately 650 degrees Farenheight. It can be used at a continuous temperature of 500 degrees. This makes it an excellent chose for high pressure seals, as well as high temperature seals. They can take a high level of stress during their lifetime.

PEEK seals also offer properties that are resistant to water and chemicals, as well as the ability to work at very high temperatures. Other seals may break down at these high temperatures. These PEEK seals can be repeatedly heated and cooled repeatedly without showing signs of a break down. They also resist hardening, which is important to performance of the seal.

Additionally, PEEK seals will not breakdown through the application of oils, acids or salts, adding to their performance ability. Peek seals also have some of the best fluid control that will ensure that leakage will not occur. These seals can be used for either dynamic or static usage situations. Products that include the technology of PEEK seals include wear rings, wipers, lip seals, piston rings, and O rings.

PEEK seals, because of their strength are a great option for any application requiring high pressure seals, or high temperature oil seals. The PEEK material can also be used in situations that use spring energized seals, due to the strength of the materials.

If you have been searching for a seal for a particular project that requires seals that can hold up under high pressure and temperatures without constantly breaking down, PEEK seals may be the solution. Their ability to withstand high temperatures, as well as their resistance to breaking down through lubricants and usage, can provide a solution.

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