Sustainable Safety in Recycled Steel

Metal garages

Car ports, garage buildings, and even horse barns are increasingly made with steel as it has many advantages over traditional wooden buildings. Such advantages are quite obvious, as wood is easily exposed and warped due to the forces of nature, making storing cars, RVs and agricultural goods somewhat dangerous. Steel is easily recycled, as is over 95 percent of the water steel is made in. Wood, unfortunately, cannot be processed again for use. In the grand scheme, steel is an important renewable resource that is stable and long lasting. It is much more eco friendly to harvest steel from old garage buildings rather than cutting down more trees that cannot be reused.

Steel has its earliest appearance has been found in Anatolia during an archaeological dig, the piece dating back 4,000 years. It caught on in 1909 when Prairie School architects began using steel for the first car port. Since then, metal garages and metal carports have been utilized more than ever. They provide a safe solution for storage of vehicles, animals, and any other personal belongings. Wood simply does not have the durability of steel, as it rots or becomes splintered and unstable. Wood can also be subjected to the onslaught of animals, such as termites that can eat through crucial support beams. The short term life of wood cannot be advantageous to anyone and will not protect one’s things for a long period of time.

Thusly, steel structures have become much more available and wide spread. Metal carport kits are very stable and even portable. Aside from providing quick cover, they can be shipped and set up any where. The use of steel becomes increasingly important as resources dwindle and deforestation continues. The same steel can be used to create such carports and metal garages over and over again, creating a sustainable, safe haven for goods and livestock for, perhaps, thousands of years. Learn more:

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