Is Your Employer Not Giving You an Adequate Pension Option?

Overpayment on private disability policy

Residents of Orlando should know that they are not alone when seeking their disability claims or pensions guaranteed by the federally mandated Employee Retirement Income Security Act known as ERISA. If an employee or former employee of a business is out of work because of a disability gained on the job or elsewhere, yet their employer is not providing them the assistance they require and are entitled to, then seeking an Orlando long term disability attorney is their best bet.

Consider the fact that employees pay a set amount out of each paycheck to go toward disability insurance. This disability insurance is supposed to kick in when an employee has surgery that keeps them from working, breaks a foot that keeps them from getting around well on the job, or any other health issue that might come between them and doing the job that they want to do. For those people searching for a disability claims lawyer orlando will not fail to provide.

A reputable Orlando disability claims lawyer can help educate their clients on their employees’ rights. For instance, it isn’t uncommon for people not to understand exactly what they are entitled to by paying into this insurance every pay period. With that being the case, how would they know to push for what they are owed under contract from their employers? It is not about being petty nor is it about being entitled. It is about businesses doing what is right by those that work for them.

Beyond just searching for a disability claims lawyer Orlando needs people who are knowledgeable about ERISA. Not many Americans know that private businesses need to maintain a retirement program that meets federal standards. If a business does not offer options and hold true to those options, then an Orlando ERISA lawyer can step in and assist.

As with disabled employees, for those seeking an Erisa lawyer Orlando will provide. It is not about shaming anyone. It is not about retribution. It is about upholding the law and making sure businesses do everything they can, not to mention are legally mandated to do, in helping their workers.

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