Search Engine Optimization The next Step in Making your Business a Success

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Cincinnati Seo cincinnati! Have I got your attention now, Cincinnati? Good. Because it is about time that we talk about getting a little Cincinnati search engine optimization going. If you do not know yet, Cincinnati SEO is making sure that your business’ web site is optimized to be the most visible and relevant that it can be on the internet, thusly making it one of the top search results provided by a search engine. This is done through a variety of approaches, including social media, the company’s own website, individual blogs, and links to the company site from external sources.

75 percent of Facebook users admit to having deleted or hidden a company’s page that they have liked, because they felt that the company’s posts were irrelevant or repetitive. The first step to your Cincinnati seo is to avoid that. Timely and poignant posts are the key to keeping your presence visible on the consumers’ Facebook feeds, and it also ensures that they actually read the posts, as opposed to ignoring them completely. And once they read the posts, your chances of gaining sales increases, because one fifth of Facebook users purchase products after seeing a company on Facebook, or reading a friend’s comment about it. And 41 percent of business to customer companies acquire customers through Facebook.

Unique localized content is an easy, convenient way to increase your Google ranking as well. If your site or restaurant or product has a review on the web, or if your establishment is featured on Google places and therefore has directions or hours, or even has city specific, user generated content, it is a great way to get noticed by Google’s search algorithm. Making sure that your website either has an app, or that it is at least mobile optimized, is another great step for the consumer to frequent your site. And that increased traffic will increase your relevance in Google’s eyes. And, trust me, you want to be user friendly on any mobile device because this year it is expected that mobile buyers are going to reach 37.5 million. Lastly, updating your blog regularly and timely is a quick and simple step to boosting your businesses’ interaction with the internet at large, and therefore increase your Google algorithm ranking.

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