Getting Help With Tax Liens Can Sometimes Reduce Penalties

How do i stop a garnishment

Do you need help with tax liens, which is when the government takes legal claim against your property when you neglect to pay your taxes?

If so, you should not panic. Some of the best tax resolution services exist today, and can help you know how to get a tax lien removed.

The biggest factor you will face as a distressed taxpayer are failure to pay penalties, which can be massive. If you want to challenge any IRS penalties, you would typically use the IRS abatement process.

An offer that is sometimes made is the Effective Tax Administration, or ETA, which requires a taxpayer be ineligible for an offer in compromise due to a theory of doubt as to collectability or a theory of doubt as to liability.

Unfortunately, taxes are something you will have to continue dealing with. They have been a permanent fixture in the US tax system since the 16th Amendment added it to the Constitution, in 1913.

Thankfully, there is back tax relief available to help you catch up with what you owe and ensure you do not miss another tax payment. For this reason, it is very important that you get help with tax liens immediately.

If you do not immediately take care of your lien, you could end up having your house repossessed or having your wages garnished until you pay back all the money that you owe in back taxes.

Either way it is not a pretty picture and definitely not something you want to procrastinate on. Take action now and save yourself the money, trouble and possible stress that comes from having the government own your home. Research more here.

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