Three Must See Art Galleries in Rochester

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If one wants more Rochester info as it pertains to the local arts and culture scene, one need look no further than the numerous Rochester art galleries. While what follows is by no means an exhaustive list, this overview of three gallery spaces will certainly get you well on your way as you discover the rich visual art that is readily available to you.

1. There is of course the Memorial Art Gallery Rochester ny, which was begun in 1913 and is associated with the University of Rochester. With a slogan touting Fifty Centuries of World Art, the institutions current exhibitions include a juried show of works by regional artists, a showing of woodcuts by Kiki Smith, and a survey of 16th century European Art.

2. There is also the Rochester Contemporary Art Center, which as its name suggests, focuses on more recent creations. Its current main exhibition, on display through September 28, is entitled State of the City Street ish, which features works that draw from graffiti and street art.

3. No list of local art museums or galleries would be complete with the George Eastman House, a renowned venue for photography that also includes the Dryden Theatre, a wonderful place to see films, from the obscure to the classic. In fact Roger Ebert once declared the George Eastman House to be Among the Holy Places of Cinema. A recognized National Historic Landmark, the Eastman House is currently showing a series of photographs collectively called The Gender Show through October 13, in an exploration of how gender manifests itself in pictures.

When it comes to Rochester info about art, this list mere scratches the surface, but it is a great beginning. Start here, and you will soon find yourself taking in the citys smaller galleries and less well known art gems.

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