If You’re Starting an SEO Marketing Business, You May Want to Use Proposal Software

Seo proposal sample

If you run a web services company that is looking to expand beyond website design and social media marketing to include search engine optimization, or SEO, you’ll definitely want to be able to give prospective clients a clear idea of how you would implement your program to make the Internet marketing campaign successful. With that in mind, you may want to invest in SEO proposal software.

Quality SEO proposal examples typically include specific case studies that reinforce your approach, as well as references from other clients who have been happy with the SEO program you provide. SEO proposal software can enable you to come up with proposals that are catered specifically to your client and branded with your company name and logo. You may want to peruse various SEO proposal samples to get an idea for what you would like yours to include.

You’ll probably want your proposal to highlight your focus on “organic search results,” which are directly linked to a website’s pertinence to the user’s search and are not related to paid results, also known as “sponsored ads.” In fact, as many as four out of five people who use search engines skip paid results entirely, opting instead for the natural, organic listings.

You may also want to include how you plan to connect SEO to a strong social media marketing campaign. After all, more than half of people on the web have or have used social networking profiles. If you have further questions, comments, or tips, please share them in the section below.

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