Staying Safe on Your Motorcycle

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Motorcycles have almost always been popular, and over the last decade, motorcycle sales have risen steadily. It makes sense. After all, they’re fast, they’re cool looking, and they save on gas, but they just aren’t as safe as cars. Here, we’ll look at some motorcycle safety tips for drivers to help you make sure you’re as safe as can be on your fast, cool, eco-friendly bike.

  1. Take a safety course. Even if your state doesn’t require it, though most do, you should go. You’ll learn about the traffic safety laws for motorcycles, how to respond to emergency situations, get some motorcycle riding safety tips, and learn a little about maintenance.
  2. Buy the right gear. Shorts and flip flops aren’t the right outfits for motorcycle riding. A bike offers little protection in a crash, so you need something strong enough to protect your skin from small rocks, bugs, cigarette butts, and, in the worst case, the road. Pick up a riding jacket, leather or not, to keep yourself safe.
  3. Don’t forget to protect your feet. Open-toed shoes will hurt when you shift gears, and your feet will burn fast while you’re sitting on the engine and exhaust system. Get some sturdy shoes with rugged soles, sturdy ankles, and a low heel.
  4. Know your limits. You might be ready to cruise around town a little, but that doesn’t mean you’re ready to weave in and out of traffic on the interstate, control your bike on a curvy road, or ride at excessive speeds. You’ll only get better by practicing, but make sure you take it slow and steady.
  5. Make sure your bike is safe and ready.It is recommended by the Department of Transportation that you check your motorcycle for problems before each ride. Look over all your motorcycle parts, and be careful when you buy very cheap motorcycle parts or aftermarket motorcycle parts. It won’t be worth what you saved if your bike fails you at the wrong time.
  6. Leave space. You might not need as much space as a great big car in order to maneuver, but don’t underestimate what you do need. Many older models don’t have anti-lock brakes, which could result in major trouble for you if you have to slam the brakes on.
  7. Know the weather. Riding a motorcycle in the rain is much less safe than driving a car in the rain. Check the weather before you leave for a ride, and if heavy rain, snow, or ice is predicted, leave your bike at home.
  8. Protect your investment. This doesn’t exactly fall into the category of “motorcycle safety tips for drivers,” but it’s still important. About 80% of motorcycle thefts occur when bikes are parked at home. If you can, keep your bike in a garage or other secured area.

These motorcycle safety tips for drivers are a good place to start for bike safety. Be sure to follow the rules of the road and to use your brain when you go out for a ride. Drive courteously and intelligently. You can’t control other drivers, but you can control you.

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