How to Use a Commercial Garbage Disposal – The Employer Store

It’s equally important to learn how it works and have an emergency contact number to your nearby commercial garbage disposal firm should you need to contact them in an emergency. This video will show you how to properly use this particular type of garbage disposal.

If you’re using a commercial trash disposal The first thing you need to understand is what items you can and shouldn’t do with it. You can put most food into the garbage disposal. However, do not put stringy objects like the tops of pineapples and cornhusks, which might create obstructions. Once you’re ready to use the garbage disposal, switch it on , and then slowly pour your waste into it. Be sure to not dump your trash into the disposal before turning it on. After you are done you can let it run another 30 minutes. If a blockage or jam is discovered, be sure your disposal is off completely before attempting to fix it. 2puoq2zssn.

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