Filtered Bottleless Water Coolers Are An Improvement On Traditional Water Bottle Systems, Since They Eliminate The Risk Of Bacteria Being Introduced To Water Being Dispensed

Bottleless water filter, Plumbed water coolers
Governmental funding of bottled water purchases have been banned in such major cities as San Francisco, New York, Seattle and Chicago. This is in the name of environmental protection. Environmental protection is an increased concern for most municipalities that want to improve their levels of sustainability across all departments. While traditional bottled water use is still popular for places with poor water quality, a trend toward a reduced amount of plastic use has occurred across the nation. This trend is worth capitalizing on if your organization is committed to improving how sustainable it is. The carbon foot print of your company, which is a metric of how much impact your organization has on the future of resources that are provided by nature, is very important to employees with a keen…
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