Consider Mandating A Food Safety Certification For Your Employees

Food handling course, Food protection certificate, Food safety certification
Did you know that the Center for Disease Control estimates that every year in the U.S., 48 million people become ill from a food borne illness? And food borne illnesses can sometimes have very serious ramifications. Of these 48 million, 128,000 require hospitalization and nearly 3,000 die. Therefore, food safety is essential and it is important to consider food safety tips and adhere to proper food and sanitation standards. In the restaurant industry, a food handling certificate or food and hygiene course for employees can help to ensure high restaurant food safety standards. One of the most important food safety tips is to always wash your hands prior to handling food, as the things we touch everyday are often loaded with bacteria. For example, hand washing can help to prevent…
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Food and Sanitation Basics

Food handlers permit online, Food protection certificate, Food safety course
When it comes to commercial food and sanitation standards, it should be noted that there are a few basics that any commercial kitchen ought to be able to comply with in order to ensure the safety of any diners who come through the doors. First of all, cleanliness is at the heart of most food and sanitation requirements overall. For instance, keeping surfaces used for cutting meat and cutting vegetables completely separate is absolutely vital when it comes to preventing cross-contamination in general. Any surfaces or devices used when preparing either of these items should be fully and completely washed with soap and hot water prior to being used for any other type of food product whatsoever. And of course, any food and sanitation facility ought to fully clean any…
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