Be Responsible Recycling Your Oil with a Purpose

Api oil ratings, Engine oil change places, Motor oil standards
The best oil change service is probably the one that can combine some level of cost efficiency with recycling and responsibility. Most people just think that motor oil is meant to lube the engine, but it actually serves many other purposes. Among these, it is meant to make things run smoothly and reduce friction as well as keeping off the rust. There are a lot of things that people should keep in mind when they are applying engine oil for the first time. For example, the W on the oil stands for winter, rather than weight, which many people mistake it for. Americans use well over 1 billion gallons of motor oil every year, but they should make sure that the oil is disposed of in a responsible way. API…
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CAT 40 Tool Holders Machinists Can Trust

Ball end mill, Cat 40 tool holders, Precision cutting tools
Purchasing CAT 40 tool holders, aluminum cutters, a ball end mill, Hsk tool holders, precision cutting tools and other machining equipment gets expensive. A recent survey of heavy duty and industrial services from plant and factory managers across the nation revealed that between 30 and 40 percent of the annual materials budget for these facilities is spent on replacing shoddy tools. For smaller factories, this could be thousands of dollars saved every year by purchasing better tools. Corporation level warehouses and factories could save millions or even tens of millions of dollars by investing early in quality equipment. Typically, a company will not invest in the best available tools because they lack the capital to purchase those tools. This is why financing options on CAT 40 tool holders and other…
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