I’m Going to Jackson Hole

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All right, so Johnny Cash and June Carter never sang that version of the song, but in this case we are talking about relocating to Wyoming instead of shuffling down south. Sure, the warmer climate may entice some northern American citizens, but there are numerous perks to living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Seated on the western border of the state, the picturesque Jackson Hole region encompasses a valley 80 miles long and 15 miles wide in which the major city of Jackson is found along with a plethora of Jackson hole property for sale. With the Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone National Park nearby, the outdoorsy type will find plenty to do in this precipitous area and will be highly intrigued by the Jackson Hole real estate. Add the detail that…
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Viral Booth Rentals

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On a warm summer day in 1827, the French inventor Joseph Nicephore Niepce invented modern photography when he used a primitive camera obscura to produce a crude photographic image. Since then, other inventors have transformed Niepce's hobby into an art and an industry, including: a British physicist named James Maxwell, who produced the first color photograph in 1861; two inventors from Baltimore, William Pope and Edward Poole, patented the first automated photography machine in 1888; and a businessman from Rochester, George Eastman, who developed roll film for the Kodak company's small and inexpensive cameras in the early twentieth century, a development which made photography affordable for the middle classes. Today, the ability to rent a photo booth promises to revolutionize photography. Although photo booth companies formerly restricted photo booth rentals…
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