I’m Going to Jackson Hole

Real estate in jackson wy

All right, so Johnny Cash and June Carter never sang that version of the song, but in this case we are talking about relocating to Wyoming instead of shuffling down south. Sure, the warmer climate may entice some northern American citizens, but there are numerous perks to living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Seated on the western border of the state, the picturesque Jackson Hole region encompasses a valley 80 miles long and 15 miles wide in which the major city of Jackson is found along with a plethora of Jackson hole property for sale. With the Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone National Park nearby, the outdoorsy type will find plenty to do in this precipitous area and will be highly intrigued by the Jackson Hole real estate. Add the detail that there is no corporate or personal income tax to the fact that Wyoming has been named as one of Bloomberg’s Best Places to Do Business for the last seven years, and you will find an amassing incentive to invest in Jackson Hole real estate.

The Jackson Hole luxury real estate is what makes this area really shine. If you are in the market for real estate, Jackson Hole has a lot to offer. According to www.citydata.com, the crime rate in Jackson, Wyoming is less than half the national average, meaning you will feel safe purchasing Jackson Hole real estate and working in this affluent area. In October 2012, the average listing price for Jackson hole homes for sale was about $2.4 million. Do not forget that there are also Jackson Hole ranches for sale through Jackson Hole real estate.

And where else are you going to get a good price on elk antlers? Jackson Hole, Wyoming boasts the only public auction of these items in the world, which annually takes place in the Jackson Town Square on the third Saturday in May. The antlers are shed on the National Elk Refuge and collected by local Boy Scouts. All proceeds benefit the elk feeding program.

If you are ready to head out to this hidden gem of opportunity, contact Jackson hole realtors for more information. Jackson Hole real estate is on the rise, and it is one of the best places to conduct business in the United States. Jackson Hole real estate may very well provide the average businessman with the boost that could skyrocket his career. Look out, Jackson town!

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