Make It a Tamale Night

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Looking for something new and exciting to eat for dinner? Pull out a tamale recipe for a twist on typical Mexican fare. Tamales are just slightly like enchiladas, but they represent a whole other type of Hispanic food.

Your tamale recipe does not have to be overly complicated and it goes well with a number of other things like arroz con pollo, a traditional chicken and rice dish, and empanadas. At its core, your tamale recipe will include masa, a starchy dough wrapped around meat or other typical ingredients. There are steamed inside corn husks to cook.

Traditionally, tamale recipes required a long and arduous process to grind the corn or hominy for the filling. Your tamale recipe might use a cornmeal mixture or prepared filling as an alternative. The tamale was mostly served around various holidays and celebrations, but now it has become a more common dish.

While pork and chicken are mainstays, you can also make tamales with different sweet or savory ingredients like raisins, plantains, and cinnamon. You can also adapt recipes that include the masa and various ingredients together like a casserole or similar. Whatever your preference, there are various ways to include traditional tamales and tamale inspired dishes in your next meal. More info like this.

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