Meet me for dinner in Denton Texas?

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Texas is known for Barbecue, Chili and Tex Mex food. But Denton Texas restaurants have much more to offer as well.

Whether it is sushi at Kelichi, a dry aged ribeye at Queenie’s Steakhouse, or the coconut pancakes at The Oldwest Cafe, restaurants in Denton TX are sure to please. It’s easy to find denton restaurants to please any palate, and for any occasion. Denton texas restaurants represent the extent of what’s culinarily possible, even in a smaller city that does not draw a great deal of national attention.

Denton is a college town, and that means eclectic tastes. Ethnic eateries do well here, as well as in the surrounding communities. Restaurants in Corinth TX, restaurants in Highland Village TX, and Flower Mound restaurants all thrive in this 110,000 person strong community.

Ask a local what their favorite Denton Texas restaurants are and you might be in fr a bit of head scratching. The local “Good Taste Buds” food blog suggests The Burgundy restaurant for fine dining, and 2007 Irin Chef winner Tim Love’s “Love Shack” for burgers. The Denton Record Chronicle recommends Mr. Chopsticks for a big bowl of steamy, yummy Vietnamese Pho soup, and Hannah’s Off The Square offers traditional southwestern cuisine with a French interpretation. There are also excellent Thai and pan Asian chices and, of course, great barbecue, chili and Tex Mex food.

It is the Denton Texas restaurants that make this mid sized enclave more than just a satellite of the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. Local eateries give Denton a unique flair and local flavor. While it may not always be easy to stand out in a crowded restaurant scene, many Denton texas restaurants relish their nonconformity, local connections, and all around dedication to good food to stay relevant on the culinary map.

And you’ll never fail to find a place that serves absolutely world class barbecue.

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