Patch Management Software Helps Solve Smartphone Work Issues

Patch management software

Did you know that about 65 million Americans now own a smartphone? And worldwide, there are nearly a billion smartphone users, with another billion expected to enter the market over the following five years. That is a huge market, and with it, comes a growing number of security risks.

Many employees today do work with their smartphones. In a survey of a thousand consumers, a fifth said they were planning on using their tablet devices for business. The number is even higher for smartphones. At this point, there comes a risk with having employees walking around with sensitive information in their phones about business proceedings. If the phone were to become lost or stolen, the entire company could be rendered vulnerable owing to the open cloud software most use. How can a business practice iphone management in a logical and fair way?

Patch management software is often the answer to many of these issues. What does patch management software do? They help on multiple levels to both increase iphone security in terms of viruses, as well as decreasing the chances of stolen information. Patch management software helps large company IT managers keep track of phones and allows them to identify and fix computers and phones in their network that are in need of security repair.

Mobile device management is important for ensuring that employees can interact with their devices without endangering the software or information of the entire company.

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