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I love reading through all the Rochester blogs that are online. There is something for everyone; anything you could imagine. Many of the local Rochester staples have their own blogs, such as U of R, Wegmans and Xerox. Whatever you are looking for, there is a Rochester blog up for it.
Rochester blogs are a great venue for local Rochester, NY artists to keep in touch with fans. Many local painters, poets, novelists and musicians all have personal blogs to keep people updated with their happenings; events, features, museum showings, concerts.
There are so many blogs rochester has the privilege to read, so many options. Reading the blogs of a local business is a great way to get an idea for what that company is all about, who these people are as individuals. One blog Rochester NY has is dedicated solely to pizza. The blogger goes out and tries all the local pizza, and then blogs his reviews. Rochester blogs like these are great when it comes time to decide on where to put your money. Rochester blogs connect the 585 community through the web, while helping each other out.

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