Taxing the People Since at Least 1776

Federal tax relief

Federal tax problems happen, but you might find federal tax relief with appropriate counsel for your individual situation. You are protected somewhat when you owe federal taxes. The Constitution, in the Fifth Amendment, forbids the state and federal government from taking your property (and possessions) without following a specific due process. In terms of federal tax problems, this applies to a state or federal tax levy.

Maintain a copy of all tax documents and letters you have received in response to any federal tax problems. You are entitled to fair and complete process for any tax issues and it could mean the difference between having your home and having the IRS go to a federal magistrate in court to levy your house and take possession.

In certain instances, the IRS can require an employer to garnish wages so that a portion of debt is immediately applied to your federal tax problems. This can seem like an insurmountable issue, but their are various organizations that can advise you on your tax issues and help you plan an effective strategy.

Unfortunately there have been tax issues at least since Great Britain was taxing the colonies in 1776. Seek proper advice, but do not attempt to ignore your federal tax problems or they may grow larger. Find more.

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