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On a warm summer day in 1827, the French inventor Joseph Nicephore Niepce invented modern photography when he used a primitive camera obscura to produce a crude photographic image. Since then, other inventors have transformed Niepce’s hobby into an art and an industry, including: a British physicist named James Maxwell, who produced the first color photograph in 1861; two inventors from Baltimore, William Pope and Edward Poole, patented the first automated photography machine in 1888; and a businessman from Rochester, George Eastman, who developed roll film for the Kodak company’s small and inexpensive cameras in the early twentieth century, a development which made photography affordable for the middle classes.

Today, the ability to rent a photo booth promises to revolutionize photography. Although photo booth companies formerly restricted photo booth rentals and photo booth sales to boardwalks and amusement parks, today, a San Diego photo booth company can sell and rent a photo booth for corporate events such as fundraisers and tailgates and private events such as weddings, graduations, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, and birthdays. These devices are smaller and more portable than traditional photo booths, requiring no more space than an ATM. Additionally, customers who rent a photo booth will discover that it permits and even encourages creativity and customization: although a small minority (no more than twenty percent) may opt to print high quality paper copies of their photographs, the majority of customers who rent a photo booth will upload their photographs to social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

For customers who are hesitant to rent a photo booth out of fear that it might break, photo booth rental companies usually employ a trained technician who will replace ink and paper and repair any parts that might break. Each booth comes with an emergency backup kit which contains numerous replacement parts. To learn more, read this:

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