Choosing the Best Restorative Dentistry Option for You – Home Teeth Whitening

Foundation restoration dentistry This can help preserve your smile and ensure your teeth are healthy. They also support the shape of your cheeks and lips. They can be weakened if not supported properly. This can allow you to speak better and retain the quality of your speech.

5. Bridges

Finally, bridges are an aspect of foundation repair dentistry , which many individuals receive every year. Bridges can be crucial in keeping teeth from shifting if the tooth is not present. In the absence of a tooth, another tooth to move which can cause additional gum and tooth problems. To avoid this the possibility of a bridge is placed to ensure the tooth doesn’t move.

Fixed bridges use an existing tooth to help hold the replacement in place. They are permanently cemented and cannot be taken out except through dentists. They are strong and toughness, which makes you in a position to eat, smile and even eat without worry. Your dentist will carry out an examination to prep the adjacent teeth for the type of bridge you want. An impression will be taken to ensure that the bridge is able to fit over your teeth. In the meantime it is possible to receive an interim bridge as the permanent one is in the process of being constructed. Once the dental professional is finished, he will place the bridge in your mouth and put it into place.

Bridges can be also supported with implants in the same way as what we talked about earlier, in which the bridge is implanted into the jawbone. The benefit of this is that the bridge does not have to depend on the support of the surrounding teeth.

Materials used for bridges may differ, and your dentist can talk about your various possibilities and the ones that are most suitable for you. The majority of bridges are composed of metal, while some are constructed from ceramic. Prior to committing yourself to the procedure, ensure that you talk to your dentist to ask questions as well as to make sure that you comprehend how your bridge will be treated.


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