What Every Defendant Needs to Know About How to Make Bail – My Free Legal Services

A magistrate or judge is expected to consider bail appeals in both the initial and the second case in the first court appearance of the person arrested. District attorneys or the prosecutor can argue for a higher or no bail. In addition, the defendant’s attorney can present mitigation information to secure favorable terms. Judges, however, often raise bail in connection with the incident and may impose stricter terms in these situations. Be aware of the issues that be caused by violating assault bail conditions. A jail or bail may not be an option if the defendant is charged with an act of violence or who violates any bail or restraining order in the case of homicides or serious assaults. Bail is also scheduled during the first hearing for any new offense. If the judge decides to put bail back on original offense and also set bail for the new offense, bail bonding services are usually able to assist in helping the defendant make a bond. g24i13ebh9.

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